Ford’s Hybrid Mustang Teased: Evolution of an Icon

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Ford's Hybrid Mustang Teased
Ford's Hybrid Mustang Teased

If you haven’t heard yet, it seems Ford is gearing up for a hybrid version of the Mustang slated for 2025. The hint dropped during the Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary Celebration Livestream, where an orange car performed an AWD burnout.

Preceded by a shot of the Mustang’s digital instrument cluster showing the line lock engaged, the AWD burnout scene featured an S550 Mustang, while the instrument cluster belonged to an S650. Although not indicating hybrid assistance, Ford has been exploring hybrid solutions for the Mustang since Raj Nair’s tenure as CTO.

During the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, Nair confirmed the Mustang Hybrid’s use of an EcoBoost-type engine and electric motors without specifying the exact configuration. With recent patents for a hybrid V8 powertrain, Ford’s hybrid Mustang is shrouded in anticipation.

Ford's Hybrid Mustang Teased
Ford’s Hybrid Mustang Teased (Credit: Ford Performance/YouTube)

Fast forward to April 2024, and Ford CEO Jim Farley’s tweet about the 60th Anniversary Celebration adds to the suspense. While the specific release timing remains uncertain, signs point towards a hybrid powertrain for the S650-generation Mustang.

Meanwhile, Ford has opened orders for the GTD, priced at $325,000. A departure from typical Mustangs, the GTD is a high-performance model aiming to rival supercars like the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and Porsche 991.2-gen GT2 RS.

Manufactured by Ford partner Multimatic in Canada, the GTD promises unparalleled performance, with Raj Nair, Multimatic’s current president and COO, overseeing production.

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