Epic Drag Battles: Classic vs. Modern Showdowns at Island Dragway

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Epic Drag Battles
Epic Drag Battles

The ImportRace YouTube channel returned to Island Dragway in Great Meadows, New Jersey, showcasing a thrilling showdown dubbed “Old vs. Older.” Despite its modest size, the local dragstrip attracted a dedicated community of drag racers eager to test their machines.

Among the highlights were clashes between modern marvels like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and six-second monsters, alongside classic confrontations like the Ford Mustang Mach-E versus a Pontiac G8 GT. Tesla Model S Plaids raced head-to-head, while surprises unfolded with matchups like the Ford Explorer ST taking on a Toyota GR Supra.

Epic Drag Battles
Epic Drag Battles (Credit: ImportRace / YouTube)

Lately, classic car enthusiasts found their fix with races featuring vintage gems like the orange Plymouth Road Runner and a surprising Buick Regal. Notably, a Chevrolet Monte Carlo faced off against a 1947 Mercury two-door, delivering heart-pounding action with close finishes and thrilling wheelies.

In a standout moment, the Chevy Monte Carlo secured two victories against its older rival, showcasing impressive performance and skillful driving. The ImportRace channel continues to fascinate audiences with its diverse lineup of drag racing spectacles, bridging the gap between old and new on the quarter-mile strip.


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