Mazda Joins the Electric Party with the Arata SUV

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Mazda Arata (Credits: Auto China)

While the rear-wheel-drive electric Mazda 6 sedan stole the show at Mazda’s booth at the Auto China show, another electric vehicle made its debut: the Arata SUV concept.

This stylish electric SUV is expected to hit production by the end of 2025. Developed by Changan Mazda, a joint venture between Mazda and Changan Automobile, the Arata might get a different name for its production release, possibly something like “EZ-60” to match Mazda’s other SUVs.

The Mazda Arata SUV (Credits:

Arata: A Fresh Take on Electric SUVs?

The Arata’s name (meaning “new” or “fresh” in Japanese) hints at a potentially new electric SUV design for Mazda. While the EZ-6 sedan seems similar to an existing Changan model, the Arata might be based on a different Changan platform (Deepal S7). Expect some design upgrades from Mazda, though, giving the Arata a more premium look and likely a higher price tag.

Electric Only (for Now) and Familiar Design Cues

Unlike the EZ-6, which will offer a plug-in hybrid option, the Arata is all-electric (at least for now). It maintains Mazda’s Kodo design language with small windows, sleek lights, and an illuminated grille, just like the EZ-6. The Mazda script on the sides even lights up!

Since it’s a concept car, the Arata has some futuristic features like cameras instead of mirrors, no door handles, and no rear wiper. The large rear spoiler is bisected by a vertical brake light that seems to connect to the roof. The design also has an interesting feature on the quarter panels that looks like flying buttresses, but it might just be a design element.

The Mazda Arata (Credits: Motor1)

Future of Mazda Electrification

There’s no word yet on whether the Arata or the EZ-6 will be sold outside of China, where they will be manufactured. While the MX-30 electric car wasn’t a huge success, Mazda knows they need to embrace electric vehicles to stay competitive. The Arata could be a sign of things to come for Mazda’s electric future.


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