Herta Calls Out Newgarden and Penske’s Excuses as “Bullshit”

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Herta: Any excuse Newgarden and Penske have “is bullshit”

In the season-opening Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Newgarden’s victory and McLaughlin’s third-place finish were revoked due to their illegal use of the overtake boost on restarts. This violation was discovered during the warm-up session at the Long Beach round, leading IndyCar to disqualify Newgarden and promote Arrow McLaren’s Pato O’Ward to the race winner. With Roger Penske, owner of the team in question, also owning IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, there’s uncertainty lingering.

The disqualification benefited Colton Herta, who was promoted to third place, securing two podiums and a second position in the championship. However, Herta’s respect for Newgarden, McLaughlin, and the Penske organization has shifted. He points out that while drivers may not be responsible for the technical infractions, they are aware of them, as evidenced by their readiness to exploit the overtake boost again at Long Beach.

Herta Calls Out Newgarden and Penske's Excuses as "Bullshit"
Herta Calls Out Newgarden and Penske’s Excuses as “Bullshit” (Credits: Motorsport)

Social media circulated a video showing Newgarden’s alleged use of the push-to-pass button during a restart despite regulations against it. Herta recalls sharing the video with fellow driver Kyle Kirkwood after the St. Pete race, initially dismissing the idea that Newgarden was using the overtake boost. However, upon reflection, they realized the truth of the situation.

Herta expresses concerns about the possibility of similar infractions occurring in previous races and questions whether the software manipulation extends beyond push-to-pass events, potentially affecting oval races where Newgarden has excelled. He acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding the situation and the need for heightened scrutiny moving forward.

Regarding the $25,000 fines imposed on Team Penske, Herta sees the penalty as inconsequential, jokingly likening it to moving money from savings to checking. Despite the levity, it underscores the seriousness of the situation and the need for accountability within the sport.


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