BYD Announces Stylish Electric Hatch and Crazy-Fast Tri-Motor Denza Z9 GT

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BYD teases the latest electric car SUV Denza N7 (Credits: ArenaEV)

BYD, a major electric vehicle (EV) maker from China, is on a roll! They’re launching a bunch of new EVs to take over the world (or at least the roads).

BYD has been busy releasing new electric cars all year. They’ve got affordable options like the Dolphin and Seagull, starting at under $10,000! But they’re not stopping there.

BYD announces new Ocean-M Hatchback (Credits: CnEVPost)

BYD is also going into luxury with its new Yangwang brand. They’ve already launched the off-road U8 electric supercar (think electric monster truck) and the U7 electric sedan, both priced over $150,000. They’re even competing with Tesla’s popular Model Y with their new Sea Lion 07 mid-size electric SUV.

This week, BYD revealed two more exciting EVs:

Ocean-M: This sleek electric hatchback is designed for performance and will be available later this year for between $20,700 and $27,600.

Denza Z9 GT: This is a super fancy electric sedan from BYD’s luxury brand, Denza. It’s built to compete with high-end cars like Porsche Panamera GTS.

With so many new electric vehicles, BYD is showing they’re a major player in the EV market. They’ve got options for every budget and taste, from affordable hatchbacks to luxury sedans.


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