Bentley’s Mystery Model: Luxury Beyond Limits

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Bentley's Mystery Model
Bentley's Mystery Model

Bentley enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the revealing of a new model teased by the luxury automaker. Set to debut at the beginning of next month, this mysterious creation is the third coach-built Bentley of the modern era, following the Barchetta and Batur.

Limited to just 16 units, this bespoke model promises to showcase Bentley’s iconic W12 engine in its most potent iteration yet. While full details remain under wraps until the official revealing on May 7, teaser images hint at a convertible variant reminiscent of the Batur, customized by Bentley’s renowned Mulliner division.

Bentley's Mystery Model
Bentley’s Mystery Model (Credit: Bentley)

If speculation holds true, the new model will build upon the Continental GTC platform, offering exclusive touches and unparalleled personalization options for discerning customers. With each vehicle crafted to individual specifications, owners can expect a truly bespoke driving experience tailored to their tastes and preferences.

While the production run of the fixed-roof Batur by Mulliner was limited to 18 cars, the forthcoming convertible variant will be even more exclusive, with only 16 examples slated for production. Despite its rarity, the allure of Bentley’s craftsmanship and engineering excellence ensures that each model will find a deserving home among automotive enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity.

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