Rare Find: 1965 Impala SS for Restoration – eBay Auction

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1965 Impala SS for Restoration
1965 Impala SS for Restoration

Introduced in 1958 and promoted to a standalone series a year later, the Impala quickly gained traction in the automotive market by the early ’60s. In 1965, the Impala achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first car in the United States to surpass 1 million units in sales in a single year.

This remarkable accomplishment exceeded Chevrolet’s expectations and underscored the success of investments made in the Impala nameplate. Throughout the decade, sales of the Impala remained robust despite some changes, such as the emergence of the Caprice as a standalone series, which somewhat diluted the lineup’s appeal.

1965 Impala SS for Restoration
1965 Impala SS for Restoration (Credit: eBay seller carshotrodresto)

Recently, a 1965 Impala surfaced on eBay, presenting an opportunity for restoration enthusiasts. This Impala, adorned with desirable features, including the Super Sport package, retains its originality to a significant extent. Although it has emerged from long-term storage, its exact history remains undisclosed.

Equipped with a 327 engine and an automatic transmission, the Impala appears to be in good condition, albeit requiring thorough inspection and potential restoration efforts. The current owner, citing other restoration projects, has decided to part ways with the car, offering it for sale with a bill of sale.

With its original components intact, this 1965 Impala Super Sport holds appeal for collectors and restorers alike. While its selling price remains undisclosed due to a reserve in the bidding process, the car presents a promising opportunity for enthusiasts seeking to restore a classic vehicle to its former glory. Currently located in Gilman, Vermont, the auction for this Impala is set to conclude in six days.


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