Meet the Genesis Electrified G80 Magma: A Sleek and Speedy Concept

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The All new G80 EV magma concept (Credits:

Move over orange, because Genesis’ performance sub-brand Magma is back with a new electric concept car, the G80 EV Magma. This concept ditches the signature orange color for a sleek “Acme Blue” instead. Genesis says this blue represents the hottest part of a flame, which sounds pretty cool!

While the G80 EV Magma might be scorching hot to look at, there’s no official word on its speed yet. It was shown off at a recent auto show in China, and Genesis is talking about a sportier suspension, bigger brakes, and a whole new design to make it look even faster. They haven’t revealed any details about the electric motor powering this concept, though, so it’s a mystery for now.

Genesis 80 EV Magma Concept (Credits: Electrek)

Instead of focusing on horsepower, Genesis is highlighting the G80 EV Magma’s wider fenders, a new back design with a special air diffuser, and a small spoiler on the trunk. The front also gets a makeover with bigger air vents and darkened decorations. It sits lower too, thanks to a mysterious “advanced suspension system.” Bigger brakes peek out from behind custom 21-inch wheels, and the inside gets a luxurious upgrade with Alcantara and quilted leather seats, accented with carbon fiber.

This isn’t the first sporty G80 Genesis has shown off. Earlier this year, they announced a special limited-edition gas-powered version for the Middle East called the Magma Special. That one might have a supercharged engine with around 500 horsepower! The G80 EV Magma isn’t the first electric Magma concept either; that title belongs to the GV60 which debuted a few months ago.

This latest concept car joins the growing Magma family, but it’s unclear if it will actually be built and sold. One thing’s for sure, the G80 EV Magma heats up the electric car scene with its bold design!

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