Mazda Shows Off Two Electric Car Ideas Named EZ-6 and ARATA

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Mazda Unveils Two Concept EV Models In The Guise Of EZ-6 And Arata

Mazda recently introduced two new electric vehicle models, the EZ-6 and the ARATA. The EZ-6 is an electric sedan, while the ARATA is a crossover SUV concept set to launch by the end of 2025. The EZ-6, developed in collaboration with Chongqing Changan Automobile, showcases a distinct design from its Chinese counterpart, the Deepal SL03 sedan.

The EZ-6 boasts a balanced 50:50 weight distribution, enhancing its handling and driving experience. It offers a substantial range of 600 km on a single charge in its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) configuration. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) variant is planned, capable of an impressive 1,000 km range on a full tank. The rear-mounted motor, likely to be a 160 or 190-kW electric motor, further contributes to its performance.

Mazda Shows Off Two Electric Car Ideas Named EZ-6 and ARATA
Mazda Shows Off Two Electric Car Ideas Named EZ-6 and ARATA (Credits: Electrek)

Inside, the EZ-6 is equipped with advanced features, including a sizable 14.6-inch central infotainment screen, an LCD instrument cluster for the driver, and premium zero-gravity seats for front passengers. Other amenities include a wireless charging pad, a high-quality Sony-tuned audio system, and support for voice commands both inside and outside the vehicle, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip.

In contrast, details about the ARATA remain largely undisclosed, leaving much to speculation. However, glimpses of its design suggest a resemblance to Mazda’s popular CX-5 SUV. This parallels the relationship between the EZ-6 and Mazda 6 sedan, hinting at a strategic alignment in Mazda’s electric vehicle lineup.

While the EZ-6 is set to debut by the end of the year, its availability outside of China seems uncertain. Despite its promising features and capabilities, it may primarily target the Chinese market, reflecting Mazda’s strategic focus and priorities in the global electric vehicle landscape.


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