Tesla Cybertruck vs. Airplane: Drag Race Surprise Revealed

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Tesla Cybertruck vs. Airplane
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Airplane

The Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast claims the title of the world’s fastest pickup truck, with its tri-motor version accelerating from zero to hero in just 2.6 seconds. However, does this acceleration suffice to outpace an airplane in a drag race?

Comparing it to its closest competitor, the Rivian R1T, the Cybertruck Cyberbeast edges ahead by four-tenths of a second. At the Orlando Air Show, two Cybertrucks took on the challenge of drag-racing an acrobatic EA-300 airplane piloted by Mike Goulian. The aircraft boasts a top speed of 213 mph (342 kph), far surpassing the Cybertruck’s 130 kph (209 kph) limit.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Airplane
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Airplane (Credit: SethV Tube | YouTube)

Despite the announcer’s enthusiastic proclamation that the cybertrucks are reaching speeds exceeding 140 mph, this remains beyond their capabilities. The outcome was inevitable, with the airplane effortlessly leaving the Cybertrucks behind in a cloud of dust.

Even the appearance of an F-22 Raptor in the video served a different purpose, as it was not there to overshadow the Cybertrucks but rather to complement the airshow.

While Tesla showcased impressive feats, such as towing a trailer with a Porsche 911 on it during the Giga Texas handover event, the expectation of the Cybertruck outperforming an airplane remains unmet. Nonetheless, the Cybertruck’s acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and quarter-mile time of less than 11 seconds remain remarkable achievements, albeit incomparable to aviation standards.

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