Classic Corvette Restoration: 1962 C1 Model Unearthed

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Classic Corvette Restoration
Classic Corvette Restoration

In 1962, marking the final year of the C1 Corvette era, Chevrolet continued its tradition of delivering sought-after sports cars, producing 14,531 units compared to 10,939 in the previous year.

The 1962 Corvette underwent subtle changes, including the discontinuation of two-tone paint options. Chevrolet also made heaters and defrosters with standard features, although customers could opt to remove them for weight reduction and enhanced performance.

Transitioning exclusively to the 327 engine lineup, the 1962 Corvette represented a pivotal moment in the model’s evolution. Recently emerging from nearly five decades of storage, a 1962 Corvette has surfaced, presenting a unique opportunity for restoration enthusiasts.

Classic Corvette Restoration
Classic Corvette Restoration (Credit: eBay seller eeee_k)

Despite the challenges posed by its condition, this ‘barn find’ retains its engine, though a thorough inspection is recommended. The exterior components, including chrome accents, remain intact, albeit with potential usability concerns due to prolonged storage.

Listed for auction with a starting price of $22,500, this Corvette represents a fascinating restoration project. However, prospective buyers should exercise caution and conduct meticulous inspections due to the vehicle’s prolonged dormancy and potential maintenance requirements.

Located in Sparks, Nevada, interested parties can arrange inspections and inquire about bidding details, recognizing the investment and restoration potential of this classic Corvette.


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