Chevrolet Impala Legacy: From Sales Triumph to Customization Era and eBay Finds

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Chevrolet Impala Legacy
Chevrolet Impala Legacy

The introduction of the Chevrolet Impala in 1958, along with a major redesign of the full-size line, dramatically boosted Chevrolet’s sales, catapulting the brand to the top spot in the U.S. market and relegating Ford to second place. The subsequent years saw Chevrolet increasingly distancing itself from its competitors.

By 1962, General Motors had captured over 50% of the market share, far outpacing Ford, which held just about 27%. This marked a significant preference for GM among U.S. car buyers.

However, GM’s dominance brought about greater scrutiny and responsibilities, particularly from U.S. antitrust regulators who were wary of any one company dominating the automotive sector too extensively.

Chevrolet Impala Legacy
Chevrolet Impala Legacy (Credit: eBay seller flt59)

Consequently, GM aimed not to achieve record sales in 1963 but to achieve stable sales performance, reducing its investment in motorsports while still ensuring that its Chevrolet line remained a popular choice among consumers.

The company offered extensive customization options for the 1963 Impala, which came in 15 exterior colors. Convertible buyers could choose from three roof colors, and all models featured new standard equipment like parking brake warning lights, extended armrests, bright metal side trim, and electric clocks.

This Impala features a new GM crate engine with 357 horsepower paired with a 700R transmission and includes power steering and brakes. Although modern upgrades like a computer-controlled air suspension and a hidden Bluetooth stereo system have been added, these may not appeal to all classic car enthusiasts.

The car, still equipped with many original features and a new powertrain, is listed in Pleasanton, California, with bidding ongoing and the reserve price not yet met.

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