Vintage Nova Restoration: Exploring a Classic Chevy Project Car

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Vintage Nova Restoration
Vintage Nova Restoration

The Nova’s fortunes fluctuated in the early ’70s, with a notable sales slump in 1971 but a resurgence in 1973, boasting a record-breaking production of over 369,000 units. The following year saw even stronger numbers, with over 390,000 Novas rolling off the assembly lines, many equipped with V8 engines.

By 1974, the V8 engine had solidified its position as the preferred choice, but there was also an uptick in production for the six-cylinder variant. Of the 1974 Novas produced, 219,000 came with V8 engines compared to 171,000 with six-cylinder engines. This marked a significant increase from the 106,000 six-cylinder Novas sold in 1973.

One such Nova, featuring a six-cylinder engine, has recently surfaced on eBay courtesy of seller treasureroad71. This particular vehicle has spent an astonishing 36 years parked in the same spot, resulting in expected wear and tear, particularly on the body.

Vintage Nova Restoration
Vintage Nova Restoration (Credit: eBay seller treasureroad71)

The seller notes that extensive work is needed on the fenders, doors, and rear quarters, with potential replacements required. Despite these challenges, the floors and trunk remain solid, albeit requiring some patchwork based on the provided photos.

However, the car’s original tan interior has been painted black, diminishing its original appeal. Mechanically, the six-cylinder engine still starts and runs smoothly, with the transmission shifting correctly through all gears. Although the brakes are operational, they require attention due to a leak in the rear line.

Despite its current state, there’s potential for this Nova to reclaim its former glory, though it will undoubtedly require significant investment and effort. Priced at $2,800, with the option to negotiate via the Make Offer button, this Nova represents a restoration project for those willing to undertake the challenge. Located in Calverton, New York, it awaits a new owner eager to breathe new life into it.

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