EV Range Anxiety Shift: Charging Spot Availability Tops Concerns

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EV Range Anxiety Shift
EV Range Anxiety Shift

In the past, potential electric vehicle buyers often cited concerns about high prices, limited range, and lengthy charging times as their primary worries. However, perceptions have shifted, and now the biggest fear among EV drivers is the inability to find an available charging spot upon arrival at a charging station.

A recent study found that 75% of EV owners have encountered a situation where all charging spots were occupied at least once. Previously, many people hesitated to purchase electric vehicles due to range anxiety, and the fear of running out of battery power during a road trip.

Legacy automakers sought to address this concern by promoting plug-in hybrids as a compromise solution. These vehicles could be charged like EVs and also rely on a combustion engine for longer journeys.

EV Range Anxiety Shift
EV Range Anxiety Shift (Credit: Rivian)

Recent research, however, reveals that most plug-in hybrid owners rarely utilize the electric charging capability of their vehicles, essentially turning them into conventional, polluting hybrids.

As more individuals experience electric vehicles firsthand, initial fears have shifted to new concerns. Rather than worrying about running out of charge, EV owners now fear being unable to charge their vehicles when the battery is low.

Fortunately, waiting times at charging stations are generally not a significant issue, with 29% of EV owners reporting that they have never had to wait for a charging spot at a public station.

For those who have experienced wait times, the majority (48%) waited less than 15 minutes on average, while 15% waited between 15 and 30 minutes. Only a small percentage (8%) reported waiting more than 30 minutes on average to charge their EV.

Despite these concerns, the vast majority (91%) of EV drivers expressed their intention to continue with electric vehicles for their next car purchase. Notably, Tesla owners showed a higher likelihood of purchasing another electric car (95%), but owners of other EV brands were also inclined to stick with electric vehicles, with 86% expressing the same intention.

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