Dodge’s Future: Electric Muscle Cars and Journey’s Return

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Dodge's Future
Dodge's Future

Dodge’s vehicle lineup undergoes a transformation, with limited offerings comprising the Hornet, a rebadged Alfa Romeo Tonale, and the enduring Durango. Amidst anticipation for the upcoming Charger series, the spotlight shines on Dodge’s foray into electric muscle cars.

The Charger series marks Dodge’s foray into electric muscle cars, generating significant buzz as enthusiasts await its release. As the industry’s first electric muscle car, it garners interest from enthusiasts curious about its performance and legacy amidst the electric vehicle world.

Dodge's Future
Dodge’s Future (Credit: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar)

While speculation arises regarding Dodge’s future electric lineup, attention turns to a nostalgic nameplate: the Journey. Recent renderings by Nihar Mazumdar envision a digital resurrection of the discontinued crossover, sparking discussions about its potential return.

However, Dodge remains tight-lipped about plans for a new Journey model, despite its potential to bridge the gap between existing offerings like the Tonale and Durango. While Mazumdar’s renderings offer a look into a modern interpretation of the Journey, Dodge’s priorities and design direction remain undisclosed.

Reflecting on the Journey’s history, Dodge ceased production in 2020 after 12 years, characterized by shared platforms and powertrains with other models like the Avenger and Sebring. Though speculation persists about a modern-day Journey, Dodge’s future lineup and design ethos remain subject to speculation and anticipation.

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