Xiaomi SU7: The Electric Car Choice for Apple Users

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Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7

With Apple’s ambitious car project now defunct, many Apple enthusiasts are turning to Xiaomi’s electric vehicle, the SU7, as a viable alternative. Unlike Apple, Xiaomi has already developed and launched an EV, garnering significant interest, particularly among Apple users.

CEO Lei Jun revealed that over half of the pre-orders for the SU7 come from Apple users, highlighting the appeal of Xiaomi’s offering in the absence of an Apple Car. The integration of CarPlay further enhances its attractiveness to Apple users, allowing seamless connectivity with their iPhones.

Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7 (Credit: Xiaomi)

Interestingly, traditional luxury car customers from brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi are also showing interest in the SU7, underscoring Xiaomi’s emergence as a formidable competitor in the automotive industry.

The popularity of the SU7 among Apple users suggests that an Apple Car could have been successful. However, with Apple’s car project discontinued and its team reassigned, Xiaomi’s SU7 emerges as a compelling option for tech-savvy consumers seeking innovative mobility solutions.


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