Lexus UX 300h: Enhanced Power for Europe

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Lexus UX 300h
Lexus UX 300h

The UX Hybrid models from the luxury Japanese automaker underwent technical enhancements for the 2024 model year in the US market, boasting increased power, new technology, and an improved battery pack. Now, these enhancements are making their way across the Atlantic to Europe.

In America, prices for the UX Hybrid models start at $36,690 for the current 2024 model year and $37,490 for the upcoming 2025 model year, showcasing notable differences despite their similar appearances. Lexus took a bold step by rebranding the UX 250h to 300h, signaling the introduction of the fifth-generation hybrid system to its lineup, accompanied by improvements in technology and battery performance.

To maintain its positive sales momentum, Lexus is introducing the UX 300h to the European market amidst a flurry of activities on the continent.

Lexus UX 300h
Lexus UX 300h (Credit: Lexus)

Alongside the introduction of the all-new LBX compact crossover and the immersive art experience “Time” at the Milan Design Week 2024, Lexus aims to enhance its UX compact urban crossover specifically for the European market.

The UX 300h benefits from a more powerful self-charging hybrid system, featuring a redesigned lithium-ion battery pack, a unified inverter with the electric motor, and improved software flight control. These enhancements translate to 8% more power, resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency. Additionally, variants equipped with the E-Four all-wheel-drive system receive a substantial boost in motor power and torque, improving acceleration and traction.

Inside, the UX 300h boasts reduced cockpit noise, customizable digital driver’s instrumentation, and advanced multimedia systems. Furthermore, expanded active safety and driver assistance features enhance whole driving experience and safety. With the introduction of Sonic Copper as a new exterior shade, the UX 300h offers a compelling blend of luxury, performance, and innovation for European consumers.

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