2025 Ford Explorer ST: CGI Redesign and Enhanced Performance

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2025 Ford Explorer ST
2025 Ford Explorer ST

Earlier this year, Ford Motor Company revealed the 2025 Ford Explorer and the premium 2025 Lincoln Aviator. The decision between these mid-size crossover SUVs, particularly the sporty Ford Explorer ST and the luxurious Lincoln Aviator Black Label, presented a challenge due to their respective advantages and disadvantages.

However, imaginative digital car content creators have envisioned a scenario where the Explorer ST emerges victorious, thanks to its lower price and potential modifications. Ford and Lincoln introduced the 2025 Explorer and Aviator with updated designs, enhanced interiors, and advanced features.

2025 Ford Explorer ST
2025 Ford Explorer ST (Credit: kelsonik / Instagram)

Despite these improvements, virtual artist Nikita Chuicko, also known as kelsonik, continues to explore the CGI potential of the 2025 Ford Explorer ST. Chuicko’s iterations feature design elements inspired by the S650 seventh-generation Ford Mustang, including the GT and Dark Horse models’ aesthetics.

These CGI renderings showcase the Explorer ST with a Dark Horse radiator grille, Mustang GT headlights, and other stylish modifications, including a Shelby-style aerodynamic package. While the aggressive design upgrades generate excitement, questions arise about potential performance enhancements, such as adopting the iconic 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine.


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