Restoring a Wrecked Classic: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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1969 Plymouth Road Runner
1969 Plymouth Road Runner

When it comes to classic cars in disrepair, discussions often revolve around barn finds and rusted relics bound for the junkyard. However, a recent example, the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, showcases that even a restored vintage car can find itself in trouble.

Once a stunning convertible, this Mopar is now a battered B-body in need of assistance. There is no detailed information on the cause of the damage, but it appears that this Road Runner collided with something forcefully enough to distort all body panels except for the rear fenders. The front end is severely damaged, the doors won’t close properly, and the dashboard is barely recognizable.

The steering column and front bench seat are askew. Hopefully, no injuries resulted from this accident. Despite these extensive issues, the V8 engine reportedly still runs. It likely requires a new radiator and thorough inspection, but the engine bay appears surprisingly intact.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner
1969 Plymouth Road Runner (Credit: Dave Gut/Facebook Marketplace)

Judging by the appearance of the 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) V8, this Road Runner may retain its original matching numbers engine. The VIN confirms it is a 383 big-block car equipped with a three-speed automatic transmission.

Out of these, only ten were equipped with the range-topping 426-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) HEMI engine, leaving 1,880 vehicles with the 383. When paired with the automatic transmission, this narrows down to 1,111 examples. Such limited numbers highlight the rarity of this Road Runner, especially considering that fewer than 200 may still be in running condition today.

However, despite the significant investment required, this Road Runner deserves a second chance, and hopefully, someone will undertake the task of restoring it to its former glory. If this project aligns with your interests, the seller is asking $14,900 for the vehicle, though this price may be considered high.


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