1963 Impala SS Convertible: Iconic Milestone in Classic Car History

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1963 Impala SS Convertible
1963 Impala SS Convertible

Introduced in 1961 at an accessible price point, the Super Sport package initially offered modest enhancements. Priced at $53, the SS gradually evolved into an iconic designation not just within the Impala lineup but across various Chevrolet models, including the Nova and Chevelle.

Recognizing the growing significance of the Super Sport legacy, Chevrolet chose it to commemorate a significant milestone in 1963. Chevrolet marked the production of its 50 millionth car, with the landmark vehicle being the Impala Super Sport.

The event occurred at the Tarrytown, New York assembly plant, with GM General Manager Semon Knudson joining New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller behind the wheel. The selected model for the celebration was a 1963 Impala Super Sport.

1963 Impala SS Convertible
1963 Impala SS Convertible (Credit: eBay seller roberto_the_seller)

The 1963 Impala SS convertible showcased in the photos is a fine representation of this model year. While the car no longer retains its original factory configuration, it remains an impressive attention-grabber.

According to eBay seller roberto_the_seller, they have refurbished the top and interior. Thus, for those seeking an all-original Impala, an in-person inspection at their location is recommended to assess the quality of the work.

The engine under the hood (whether it’s the original unit is unspecified) starts, runs, and drives. It’s worth noting that the seller’s father has previously rebuilt it. Given the exceptional condition of this Impala SS convertible, it’s reasonable to expect a significant price tag.

It’s noteworthy that the seller hasn’t enabled the Make Offer option, indicating a firm price. Additionally, the car remains stationary, with the seller only starting the engine every few weeks to prevent it from seizing up.

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