Iconic 1964.5 Mustang: A 60-Year Journey of Dedication

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Iconic 1964.5 Mustang
Iconic 1964.5 Mustang

Grant Martin, the original owner of a 1964.5 Ford Mustang, expressed his reluctance to part with his beloved car after six decades of ownership. Purchased during his senior year at McGill University, the Mustang has been a constant companion throughout his life.

Despite its age, Grant cherishes the remaining time he has with it. The Mustang’s journey began in 1964 when Grant, a 20-year-old engineering student, purchased it for $2,795 at the World Fair in New York.

Iconic 1964.5 Mustang
Iconic 1964.5 Mustang (Crdit: classiccars.com)

Over the years, the car accumulated an impressive 603,000 miles before undergoing a full restoration in 2005, including a repaint to Burgundy. Despite a brief theft in 1977, the Mustang remained resilient, with Grant investing in mechanical refurbishments to keep it running smoothly.

Accompanying Grant on many adventures was his energetic fox terrier, who left scratch marks on the car’s side windows after an encounter with a bear. In 2014, the Mustang gained recognition at its Golden Jubilee, further solidifying its place in automotive history. Now, after 60 years together, Grant reluctantly bids farewell to his cherished companion, hoping to find a new owner who will appreciate its legacy.

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