Batman-Inspired Hypercars: Pininfarina’s Gotham Collection

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Batman-Inspired Hypercars
Batman-Inspired Hypercars

Automobili Pininfarina recently introduced a series of cars that would be right at home in Bruce Wayne’s garage or prowling the streets as Batman. The lineup, inspired by Pininfarina’s B95 Barchetta and Battista hyper GTs, was developed in partnership with Wayne Enterprises, a fictional entity brought to life by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer. These vehicles are designed to immerse drivers in Gotham City, chasing after imaginary villains in style.

Pininfarina has customized these all-electric hypercars to reflect Bruce Wayne’s penchant for cutting-edge luxury. Each model is available in two exclusive configurations, Gotham and Dark Knight, embodying the lifestyle of the enduring pop culture figure who first appeared in 1939.

Built on a distinctive aluminum chassis, these cars feature tailgate shark fins and louver openings in the carbon fiber fenders at both the front and rear for improved aerodynamics. Emblems of Wayne Enterprises can be found on the side skirts and roof.

Batman-Inspired Hypercars
Batman-Inspired Hypercars (Credit: Automobili Pininfarina)

The cars boast four electric motors producing a total of 1,900 horsepower, enabling them to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 kph) in under 2.0 seconds, outpacing even a Formula 1 car.

Equipped with a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery pack from Rimac, the cars offer an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles (483 kilometers). Another surprising feature is the voice of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler, providing voice instructions. The design includes a large curved glass roof and newly designed doors and roof.

The B95 Gotham model features wheels with a matte black inner and gloss black outer ring, Titan calipers, and a brushed aluminum anodized black rim center lock ring.

Pricing details for these four variants remain undisclosed, but given Pininfarina’s history, the costs are expected to be astronomical. The Battista starts at around $2.2 million, while the Barchetta is priced at about $4.4 million.

Despite their exclusive prices, there are buyers who purchase multiple units; one customer, who already owns the fifth of five limited Battista Anniversario models, purchased additional cars last month.

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