Vintage Nova Discovery: Pristine 1966 Model with Low Mileage

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Vintage Nova Discovery
Vintage Nova Discovery

After a strong initial production of over 326,000 units in its debut year, the Chevrolet Nova remained a popular choice in 1963. However, the demand for this new model began to decline over the next few years, culminating in a drop to around 100,000 units by 1967.

In the 1967 model year, approximately 170,000 Novas were manufactured, with a growing preference for V8 engines among consumers. Initially, the Nova was designed with a focus on small-displacement engines.

However, the four-cylinder options quickly lost favor, with most buyers opting for the L6 engine. The introduction of a V8 option soon shifted customer preferences towards the more powerful, factory-installed engine configurations. The Nova in these photos represents a unique chance to appreciate a 1966 Nova in pristine condition.

Vintage Nova Discovery
Vintage Nova Discovery (Credit: eBay seller lostintimeyouknow)

The sixth owner and current eBay seller acquired the Nova and immediately placed it in their collection. As one would expect, this Nova comes with an array of documents, including the owner’s manual, a sales brochure, copies of titles, a detailed ownership history since the new, and the prestigious 2003 trophy.

With its impeccable condition and an L79 engine, this 1966 Nova is extraordinarily desirable. It’s a remarkable piece that would be perfectly at home in a museum, ideally preserved to maintain its current condition.

The Nova is listed on eBay with a significant price tag of $109,500, although there is an option to make an offer if potential buyers have different terms in mind. The car is located in Buffalo, Minnesota for those interested in an inspection.

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