Renault’s Evolution: Meet the Compact Symbioz

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Renault's Evolution
Renault's Evolution

If the name rings a bell, it might evoke memories of ‘The Apprentice,’ but the recently revealed Renault Symbioz is more than just a footnote in the crossover SUV segment. Positioned between the Captur and Austral alongside the Arkana, the Symbioz represents Renault’s endeavor to rejuvenate its lineup.

While the spotlight has been on the retro-futuristic Renault 5 E-Tech all-electric hatchback, the refreshed Captur is anticipated to lead in sales as the second generation undergoes a comprehensive update. Renault bids farewell to the Kadjar, introducing the Austral nameplate in the compact segment, while the Arkana coupe-SUV expands its presence in select markets.

Renault's Evolution
Renault’s Evolution (Credit: Renault)

Teased in February and revealed during spring, the Symbioz offers modern design, a versatile interior, and cutting-edge automotive technologies. With order books set to open in July, Renault’s newest addition embodies the brand’s latest design language, featuring a sleek exterior and a tech-forward cabin.

Equipped with up to 24 new-generation driving aids and a standard 10.4-inch vertical touchscreen, the Symbioz boasts simplicity with three available grades: techno, techno esprit Alpine, and iconic esprit Alpine. As Renault continues its product offensive, the Symbioz aims to carve a niche in the compact CUV segment, offering practicality and electrified performance alongside models like the Megane and Scenic E-Tech electric.


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