GAC’s Vision for Urban Mobility: Concept Cars at Milan Design Week

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GAC's Vision for Urban Mobility
GAC's Vision for Urban Mobility

Originally established as a furniture fair six decades ago, Milan Design Week has evolved into a prominent platform for showcasing innovations across various industries. In 2024, the automotive sector took center stage at the event, with several brands presenting their latest designs in Milan, Italy.

Among them, GAC Group, a Chinese car manufacturer, revealed three innovative concept city cars as part of the GAC Car Culture series 3.0. Named City Pod, City Box, and City Run, each vehicle caters to specific urban transportation needs, reflecting GAC’s vision for the future of city mobility.

These compact vehicles share a modular electric powertrain, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency. Additionally, they feature innovative design elements and cutting-edge technologies to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

GAC's Vision for Urban Mobility
GAC’s Vision for Urban Mobility (Credit: GAC)

The City Box, designed for urban delivery, boasts a compact three-wheeled configuration tailored for moving around narrow city streets. Equipped with an adaptive trunk space and Plug and plug-and-drive system, it offers practicality and convenience for modern logistics.

For urban commuters, the City Pod provides a stylish and functional solution inspired by iconic designs. With its panoramic glass shell and integrated luggage system, it offers a unique driving experience tailored to fast-paced city life.

Lastly, the City Run targets younger demographics with its futuristic design and innovative features, such as the Transparent Display Concept and Air Seats for enhanced comfort.

By presenting these concept city cars at Milan Design Week, GAC demonstrates its commitment to sustainable urban mobility and innovation, aligning with evolving consumer preferences and urban lifestyles.

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