Mario Andretti’s Historic IndyCar: Auction Spotlight

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Mario Andretti's Historic IndyCar
Mario Andretti's Historic IndyCar

Car racing stands as one of humanity’s most exhilarating endeavors, with only a select few ascending to its pinnacle. Among them, Mario Andretti reigns supreme, celebrated for his unprecedented success across Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, and the World Sportscar Championship.

Of particular interest is Andretti’s dominance in IndyCar, epitomized by a notable car from the 1984 CART PPG Indy Car World Series now up for auction. Representing a golden era of motorsport, the Lola T800 Cosworth played a pivotal role in Andretti’s championship victory, underlining his prowess behind the wheel.

Mario Andretti's Historic IndyCar
Mario Andretti’s Historic IndyCar (Credit: Mecum)

Sporting the colors of Newman-Haas Racing, this Lola embodies a bygone era of racing excellence. With its original components intact, including the iconic Cosworth engine and distinctive livery, this piece of racing history serves as a tangible link to Andretti’s illustrious career.

As it goes under the hammer at Mecum, enthusiasts have the opportunity to own a piece of racing heritage, immortalizing Andretti’s triumphs on the track. With an estimated value reflecting its significance, this auction represents more than a mere transaction; it’s a chance to own a piece of motorsport history.


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