Dongfeng Pickup Concept: Sleek Alternative to Cybertruck

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Dongfeng Pickup Concept
Dongfeng Pickup Concept

The Tesla Cybertruck made waves with its polarizing design, dividing opinions since its revealing in November 2019. Now, a Chinese automaker has introduced a pickup truck concept that offers a sleek alternative to the Cybertruck’s angular aesthetic.

The Dongfeng concept retains the futuristic look of the Cybertruck while softening its edges, featuring a front end reminiscent of a UFO and unique suicide doors inspired by models like Rolls-Royce. Despite lacking the stainless steel body, it maintains a striking presence on the road.

Dongfeng Pickup Concept
Dongfeng Pickup Concept (Credit: Dongfeng)

Equipped with aerodynamic wheel covers and an LED display at the rear, this concept truck blends style with functionality. Inside, the cabin features modern amenities like a rectangular steering wheel and a large dashboard display.

While pricing details are yet to be announced, the Dongfeng pickup truck aims to offer an affordable alternative to the Cybertruck. With its impressive powertrain generating 1,305 horsepower, it promises to compete in the global market against established electric vehicles like Tesla’s Cybertruck.


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