1962 Chevrolet Nova Restored: Featuring a Powerful V8 Engine

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1962 Chevrolet Nova Restored
1962 Chevrolet Nova Restored

Introduced in 1962 with modest four- and six-cylinder engines, the Chevrolet Nova initially lacked a V8 option. However, aftermarket modifications quickly became popular among buyers seeking increased performance.

The demand for a more potent engine grew, especially with the introduction of the SS package in 1963. Recognizing this trend, Chevrolet eventually introduced a more powerful V8 engine in 1964.

Despite Chevrolet’s efforts, The Nova continued to be a popular vehicle for aftermarket modifications, especially V8 conversions. The 1962 Nova featured in these photos underwent significant restoration, including upgrades to its engine.

1962 Chevrolet Nova Restored
1962 Chevrolet Nova Restored (Credit: eBay seller primoclassicsint)

The vehicle, listed on eBay, boasts a formidable 454ci V8 engine, described by the seller as “scary fast.” Equipped with Rectangle Port Hi-Performance heads, a polished Edelbrock intake and air cleaner, dual Edelbrock carburetors, and a Richmond 5-speed transmission, this Nova is primed for exhilarating performance.

Enhancements extend beyond the engine, with upgrades including a CPP front suspension system and front disc brakes. Despite its vintage appeal, the Nova’s condition remains immaculate, requiring no additional modifications for immediate enjoyment.

Notably, the car features SS tags despite not being originally equipped with the Super Sport package. This distinction underscores its performance-oriented nature and pays homage to the Nova’s heritage.

Currently listed on eBay with bidding reaching $23,000, this Nova presents a compelling opportunity for enthusiasts seeking a classic muscle car with modern performance enhancements. With only 10K miles since restoration, this Nova offers the thrill of a vintage driving experience coupled with impressive power and reliability.

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