Customized Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: A Whiteout Transformation

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Customized Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
Customized Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

When faced with a gathering of strikingly designed rivals at a car event, how can an owner of the powerful 1,025-hp Demon 170 distinguish themselves? The answer lies in the vehicle’s livery, which boldly proclaims its prowess in tire destruction.

In Canada, a specialized detailing company has made its mark in the high-end automotive customization market. However, no company in this sector can be considered legitimate without paying homage to a Detroit legend. Thus, they took on the challenge of customizing a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, the final edition of the HEMI-era Mopars.

Customized Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
Customized Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (Credit:

While many aftermarket specialists focus on enhancing horsepower and performance metrics, this Ontario-based shop took a different approach, opting for a visually striking transformation. Applying white paint to every external element, except for the tires and glass, resulted in a unique aesthetic.

This isn’t the first time such a transformation has been attempted; the company previously customized a Hellcat Charger and a regular Challenger Demon. All three vehicles belong to the same owner, who sought to create a unique collection of high-performance Dodges. Despite the common expectation of a menacing all-black appearance, the owner opted for a distinctive whiteout treatment.

Featuring a custom set of white wheels with red accents to match the SRT logo, the Challenger Demon’s exterior is complemented by a white finish on the grille, wipers, badges, and rear spoiler. While the interior details remain undisclosed, the vehicle’s exterior exudes a sense of individuality rarely seen in muscle car customization.


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