Hyundai Recall: Electrical Issue Affects Elantra, Venue, and Kona

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Hyundai Recall
Hyundai Recall

Hyundai Motor America has identified an issue affecting 13,511 examples of the 2024 Elantra sedan, Venue crossover, and slightly larger Kona. The manufacturer’s American division states that an electrical short in the EGR valve assembly may cause a sudden loss of drive power, significantly increasing the risk of a crash.

But what exactly is the EGR valve, and why are these vehicles equipped with it? Simply put, the exhaust gas recirculation system is designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by recirculating exhaust back into the engine. By decreasing the oxygen entering the combustion chamber, the EGR system also reduces fuel consumption and lowers peak combustion temperatures, thereby minimizing NOx emissions.

Hyundai Motor Company has identified contaminated sensors in affected EGR valve assemblies, resulting from solder flux supplied by the manufacturer. Carbonized solder flux may cause an electrical short between sensor terminals, leading to EGR valve or crank position sensor malfunction and loss of motive power.

Hyundai Recall
Hyundai Recall (Credit: Hyundai)

Affected vehicles include the 2024 Elantra and Venue with part number 28410-2M330 and the 2024 Kona with part number 28400-2J310. These assemblies, supplied by BorgWarner Chungju, may experience loss of motive power due to the sensor malfunction.

Despite no reported incidents resulting in crashes, injuries, or property damage, Hyundai Motor America has taken proactive measures to address the issue. Owners and dealers will be notified of the recall, with dealers replacing the EGR valve assembly free of charge.

Hyundai Motor Company has already ceased the application of flux in EGR valve assembly production and urges affected owners to check their vehicles’ recall status via the VIN search tool on Hyundai’s website. This recall underscores Hyundai’s commitment to vehicle safety and customer satisfaction.


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