Ferrari 812 Superfast: Evolution & Controversial Styling

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Ferrari 812 Superfast
Ferrari 812 Superfast

Amidst the admiration for Ferrari’s latest grand tourer, the 812 Superfast, questions arise regarding its quintessential Ferrari identity. While undeniably incredible, does it embody the essence of a Ferrari GT, characterized by voluptuous curves and powerful contours?

The 812 Superfast represents the culmination of decades of Ferrari’s pursuit of perfection in the luxury super GT segment. Born from the legacy of the F12berlinetta and 599 GTB Fiorano, it stands unrivaled in its class, boasting unparalleled performance and sophistication.

Fast forward to May 2nd, 2024, and Ferrari introduces the successor to the 812 Superfast: the 12Cilindri. While promising on paper, its controversial styling raises eyebrows, departing from the sculptural elegance of its predecessors.

Ferrari 812 Superfast
Ferrari 812 Superfast (Credit: Ferrari)

Gone are the flowing lines and muscular proportions, replaced by a more modern and functional design language. While still sensual to some extent, it deviates from Ferrari’s traditional aesthetic, leaning towards a more sophisticated demeanor reminiscent of other luxury brands.

The interior reflects a similar departure, blending elements from the 812 Superfast with modern tech advancements. While embracing new technologies, it retains the essence of Ferrari’s cockpit design, ensuring a seamless transition for enthusiasts.

Performance-wise, the 12Cilindri builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, featuring a modified version of the 6.5-liter V12 engine delivering exhilarating performance. Despite its improvements, the 12Cilindri’s styling and nomenclature spark debates among Ferrari purists, challenging conventional notions of Ferrari’s identity.

In the automotive excellence industry, the 12Cilindri represents Ferrari’s continued pursuit of innovation and excellence. While divisive in its design and nomenclature, it embodies Ferrari’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and luxury, setting new standards for the GT segment.


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