Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept: Fusion of Speed and Style

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Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept
Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept

Skoda believes that by combining elements from both street-legal models and racecars, they can create more exhilarating vehicles. This philosophy is exemplified in their latest concept, the Enyaq RS Race. Derived from the road-legal Enyaq RS Coupe, this concept showcases upgrades across various aspects, including the chassis, exterior, cockpit, and powertrain.

Teasers released by Skoda depict a bold design for the Enyaq RS Race. With distinct front and rear bumpers, a new diffuser, a prominent wing, and a widebody design, the enhancements not only enhance its sporty aesthetics but also enhance its downforce.

The Enyaq RS Race Concept will feature motorsport-inspired wheels and a lowered stance thanks to chassis refinements. These modifications give it a more aggressive appearance, departing from its crossover roots and resembling a high-performance electric hatch.

Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept
Skoda Enyaq RS Race Concept (Credit: Skoda)

Inside, the concept will accommodate two occupants with bucket seats equipped with five-point racing harnesses. Changes to the dashboard panel and door cards, along with the removal of certain components for weight reduction, contribute to the track-focused ambiance.

Skoda has hinted at powertrain enhancements and improved cooling for the Enyaq RS Race Concept, although specific details are yet to be disclosed. However, it’s confirmed that the drivetrain will derive from the production version of the Enyaq RS Coupe.

The Enyaq RS Coupe boasts all-wheel drive and a dual-motor setup producing 335 hp and 402 pound-foot of torque. Standard features include MacPherson suspension, multi-element axle, and hydraulic dual-circuit braking.

The RS models improve performance with upgraded braking systems and electromechanical power steering. While Skoda has yet to announce an official revealing date for the Enyaq RS Race Concept, expectations are high for its presentation in the coming weeks or months.

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