Italdesign Quintessenza: Avant-Garde Concept Car Revealed

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Italdesign Quintessenza
Italdesign Quintessenza

The recent Beijing Motor Show offered a plethora of surprises akin to the excitement once associated with European and American auto shows. Among the standout attractions were the concept cars, with one particularly intriguing entry being the Italdesign Quintessenza a gem that unfortunately failed to garner the attention it deserved.

Following a six-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Auto China 2024 exhibition returned with fervor, showcasing China’s leadership in electromobility. While numerous domestic and global automakers showcased their offerings, EVs, particularly crossovers and SUVs, took center stage, along with a plethora of concept cars, some of which were truly avant-garde.

Italdesign, renowned for its distinctive approach to automotive design, presented the Quintessenza as a departure from conventional concept cars. Resembling a high-performance SUV-inspired GT coupe at first glance, it boasts a unique feature: the ability to transform into an unconventional pickup semi-convertible. While not entirely novel, this approach distinguishes the Quintessenza from its peers.

Italdesign Quintessenza
Italdesign Quintessenza (Credit: Italdesign)

Drawing parallels to Audi’s potential models, such as the Porsche 911 Dakkar and Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, the Quintessenza hints at a new direction for SUV-inspired supercars. This aligns with Audi’s previous Activesphere Concept, which hinted at a foray into the SUV-inspired supersport segment.

Aesthetically, the Quintessenza’s aerodynamic silhouette fascinates, with wheel arches seamlessly integrated into the design. Its understated branding resonates with the subdued aesthetic prevalent among Chinese car brands, fitting seamlessly into the Asian automotive world.

The standout feature of the Quintessenza lies in its adaptable nature the removable tailgate transforms the vehicle into a pickup, reminiscent of the Suzuki Vitara/Geo Tracker convertible but with a modern twist. Additionally, the rotating back seats enhance the outdoor experience, offering passengers a unique connection with nature.

While marketed as an electric vehicle, the Quintessenza’s powertrain is formidable, boasting a total output of 580 kW and a 150 kWh battery promising a range of 750 km. With its versatility and performance, the Quintessenza presents a compelling exploration of the SUV-inspired style, offering a look into the future of automotive design.


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