Rare Shelby GT500: Auctioning Carroll Shelby’s Legacy

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Rare Shelby GT500
Rare Shelby GT500

Few figures have left as indelible a mark on the American automotive world as Carroll Shelby. Though he’s no longer with us, his influence continues to shape the industry, from car design to the prices fetched by items associated with him. Auction blocks often boast a plethora of Shelby-related treasures, but few can rival the allure of a rare car owned and modified by the man himself.

Shelby’s legacy is intricately intertwined with Ford, particularly through his work on iconic Mustang versions. The Shelby GT350 of 1965 marked the beginning of a special breed of vehicles, but it was the GT500, introduced two years later, that truly cemented his reputation.

The GT500, a variant of the Mustang infused with Shelby’s signature updates, initially boasted the formidable Police Interceptor 428ci engine. However, it was the Cobra Jet variant of this engine, born at the hands of Tasca Ford in 1968, that left an enduring impression. Engineered with NHRA drag racing in mind, this powerhouse, when coupled with Shelby’s expertise, resulted in a truly remarkable vehicle.

Rare Shelby GT500
Rare Shelby GT500 (Credit: Mecum)

One such vehicle, a 1969 Shelby GT500 fastback owned by Shelby himself, is set to go under the hammer at Mecum’s auction on May 18. This Grabber Yellow beauty is one of just 18 GT500s offered in that color in 1969, making it a highly coveted piece of automotive history.

Styled in the classic fashion of late GT500 models, the car boasts a fiberglass front end, a distinctive grille, and a hood adorned with five scoops reminiscent of dragstrip designs. Inside, race-oriented features include a rollbar and harnesses complementing the black Clarion bucket seats.

Under the hood lies the original powertrain: the Cobra Jet variant of the 428 engine, delivering a potent 335 horsepower. Mated to a four-speed manual transmission, this GT500 promises an exhilarating driving experience.

With its auction history revealing a previous sale in 2013 for $140,000 and a subsequent sale in 2022 for $172,200, expectations are high for this iconic vehicle. As it heads to auction once more, enthusiasts eagerly await to see where the bidding will land, knowing that owning a piece of Shelby’s legacy is a rare and cherished opportunity.

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