TMNA Sales Surge: Portfolio Drives Growth

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TMNA Sales Surge
TMNA Sales Surge

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) reported a notable increase in sales during the first three months of the year in America, totaling 565k vehicles. This surge in deliveries has positioned TMNA in close competition with General Motors, which recorded slightly over 594k sales, marking a more than 20% rise for TMNA.

TMNA attributes much of its success to its diverse portfolio, which includes 27 electrified vehicle options across the Toyota and Lexus brands. Additionally, the company is gearing up to launch over 20 new models, refreshed variants, or special editions, some of which will be exclusively available with hybrid powertrains. Among these offerings are the highly anticipated 2024 Land Cruiser and 2025 Camry.

TMNA Sales Surge
TMNA Sales Surge (Credit: kelsonik / Instagram)

While TMNA emphasizes its commitment to electrification, it continues to cater to customers preferring traditional internal combustion engine setups. This includes offerings in the mid-size off-road SUV segment, such as the 2024 Lexus GX 550. Alongside models like the N400 Toyota Tacoma and the 2025 4Runner, the Lexus GX 550 has garnered attention from enthusiasts and digital car content creators alike.

Virtual artists like Nikita Chuicko, known as kelsonik on social media, have expressed interest in exploring custom-tuning scenarios for TMNA’s mid-size SUV lineup. Chuicko’s latest CGI work features subtle upgrades to the 2024 Lexus GX 550, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. While the real-world GX 550 is available at dealerships starting from $64,250, enthusiasts can explore various customization options to suit their preferences.

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