1974 Trans Am: Restored Classic Firebird On Auction

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1974 Trans Am
1974 Trans Am

In 1974, the Trans Am’s production was gearing up, marking the beginning of its ascent to become the flagship model in the Firebird lineup. Only 10,255 Trans Ams were produced in 1974, with the base Firebird remaining the popular choice for Pontiac buyers.

However, this figure represented a notable increase from the previous year’s production of 4,802 units. Production numbers continued to surge, doubling again in 1975 and then in 1976, reaching 27,274 and 46,701 units, respectively. The Trans Am showcased in these photos rolled off the assembly line in 1974, boasting an impressive condition.

Listed on eBay by seller castlehunterconstruction, the car underwent a comprehensive restoration. Originally found in Gordon, Texas, where it had been sitting since the early ’80s, the car was acquired by the seller’s father as a project. After extensive refurbishment, including the engine, transmission, paint, and decals, the Trans Am now stands rust-free and meticulously detailed.

1974 Trans Am
1974 Trans Am (Credit: eBay seller castlehunterconstruction)

While the interior remains entirely original, the air conditioning system requires attention, although all components are present for restoration. Notably, the car’s body is free of Bondo, having been stored in a barn in excellent condition without rust.

However, minor paint imperfections are noted, particularly around the hood and fender junctions. Under the hood lies a potent 455ci engine, delivering exhilarating performance. Documented with 28,490 original miles on the odometer, this Trans Am retains its authenticity and charm.

Currently listed on eBay, bidding has reached $22,500 after 57 offers over six days, with one day remaining in the auction. The option for immediate purchase (“Buy It Now”) stands at $35,950, offering enthusiasts the chance to secure this classic Trans Am without competition.


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