1962 Bel Air: Restoration Project on Craigslist

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1962 Bel Air
1962 Bel Air

In 1962, the Bel Air continued to hold its place as Chevy’s mid-priced full-size car alongside the popular Impala. Sharing similar styling and engines, the Bel Air provided a more budget-friendly option for customers who didn’t need all the bells and whistles of the Impala.

Chevrolet offered a range of five V8 engines for the 1962 Bel Air, including the renowned 283 with 170 horsepower and the powerful 409 big-block generating 409 horsepower, famously immortalized in the Beach Boys’ song “409.”

1962 Bel Air
1962 Bel Air

Despite being overshadowed by the Impala, the Bel Air still managed to be the second best-selling full-size model in Chevy’s lineup, with over 1.4 million units sold in 1962. Recently, a 1962 Bel Air station wagon surfaced on Craigslist, albeit in rough condition. The car requires a complete restoration, evident from the rusty body, wrecked interior, and questionable engine status.

Despite the challenges, the owner believes in its potential and offers it for $3,800, even suggesting it could be converted into a family car with an optional third-row seat. However, potential buyers are advised to inspect the car thoroughly before making a decision, as restoring a station wagon in such a state can be quite challenging.

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