Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang: A Surprising Gem

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Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang
Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang

We’ve seen our fair share of classic American pony cars undergo JDM engine swaps. It’s a common sight: vintage Camaros and Mustangs fitted with Honda VTEC engines, typically K24s with hefty turbos.

But every so often, something unique emerges, defying the norm. Recently, an Australian tuner named Nick Baxter, working practically solo in his shed, introduced a game-changer. At first glance, it resembles another big-block V8 Fox Body Mustang drag car, a scene seen countless times.

Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang
Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang

Yet, appearances deceive. Under the hood of this professional quarter-mile drag car lies an unexpected powertrain, challenging perceptions. Gone is the traditional American four, six, or eight-cylinder engine. Instead, it’s been replaced by a Toyota 3RZ-FE four-cylinder engine, familiar to enthusiasts of early 2000s JDM Australian imports.

The Toyota 3RZ engine, found in vehicles like the fifth-generation Hilux and first-generation Tacoma pickup, was known for its robustness. Though just a 2.7-liter four-cylinder, it boasted surprising strength, a trait amplified when paired with performance modifications.

Modifications to this Fox Body Mustang included custom-forged crankshafts, cylinder heads, and pistons, all designed to withstand substantial forced induction. Boost comes from a hefty Garrett G47 turbocharger, necessitating the sizable front hood scoop for more than mere aesthetic purposes.

Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang
Toyota-Powered Fox Body Mustang

Originally producing a modest 150 horsepower at the wheels in various Toyota trucks and SUVs, this engine now propels the Mustang to an impressive 7.86-second quarter-mile run at the Sydney Jamboree, rivaling, if not surpassing, V8 drag cars’ speeds.


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