EV Industry Shift: Tesla, Ford, and Legacy Automakers Adapt

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EV Industry Shift
EV Industry Shift

Even Tesla is feeling the effects of the current EV slowdown, with Elon Musk reportedly traveling extensively to implement new features and technologies while making significant organizational changes. Legacy automakers, too, are adjusting their zero-emissions plans in response to market dynamics.

Toyota, long advocating for EV patience, has seen some automakers react swiftly to market shifts. Ford, for instance, delayed the launch of its large three-row electric SUV and second-generation full-size pickup truck, citing low EV demand.

EV Industry Shift
EV Industry Shift

Despite these delays, Cadillac’s 2025 Escalade IQ, set to compete with Ford’s anticipated SUV, is yet to hit the market. Ford’s decision also impacts the release of the Lincoln version, postponing the arrival of the Navigator EV. Meanwhile, the F-150 Lightning continues to perform well, overshadowing competitors like the Chevrolet Silverado EV RST and GMC Sierra EV Denali, which are experiencing delays.

Despite these challenges, Ford remains committed to developing a second-generation Mustang Mach-E to rival the Tesla Model Y. Additionally, the company is exploring the development of affordable all-electric models on a new platform, aiming to capture market demand.

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