Rolls-Royce Reveals Cullinan Series II: Redefining Luxury and Elegance for a New Era

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Rolls-Royce Unveils Cullinan Series II

Rolls-Royce Motors has revealed the latest iteration of its flagship luxury SUV, the Cullinan Series II, building upon the success of its predecessor, which was launched in 2018. Initially, a minority of Cullinan owners relied on chauffeurs, but today, the vast majority prefer self-driving, reflecting a shift in clientele demographics towards a younger age group, with the average age now at 43, down from 56 in 2010.

The Cullinan Series II emphasizes an urban focus and a trend toward self-driving, reflected in its exterior design characterized by vertical elements reminiscent of modern skyscrapers. The front features clean lines and monolithic surfaces, with a distinctive illuminated pantheon grille, a first for the Cullinan model. Profile changes include subtle alterations to surfacing and the introduction of 23-inch wheels, enhancing the vehicle’s dynamic presence.

The interior of the Cullinan Series II offers innovative ways for self-expression, featuring a pillar-to-pillar glass-panel fascia and advanced digital interfaces, including the SPIRIT operating system. Connectivity enhancements cater to rear passengers, with the ability to connect streaming devices, access Wi-Fi, and utilize Bluetooth headphones or the premium 18-speaker Bespoke Audio system.

Rolls Royce Cullinan
Revamped Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II: Distinctive exterior with LED headlights, illuminated grille, and sleek air intakes.

New interior design elements include the Illuminated Fascia panel, showcasing a Cityscape graphic inspired by nighttime city skylines, and the Spirit of Ecstasy Clock Cabinet, integrating an analog timepiece and an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy figurine. The material palette draws inspiration from nature, introducing grey-stained ash wood and duality twill fabric made from bamboo, with intricate embroidery reflecting nautical themes.

The Grey Stained Ash wood veneer undergoes a meticulous four-year development process, incorporating metallic particles for a shimmering effect. Duality Twill fabric features an abstract ‘Duality’ graphic inspired by sailing yacht rope lines and is crafted with up to 2.2 million stitches, highlighting Rolls-Royce’s commitment to artisanal craftsmanship.

Another innovation is Placed Perforation, a technique for creating intricate leather artworks inspired by the changing shapes of clouds over the Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood. With up to 107,000 perforations, each meticulously checked for uniformity, this technique exemplifies the brand’s dedication to precision and attention to detail.

The Cullinan Series II represents Rolls-Royce’s evolution towards modern luxury, blending advanced technology with bespoke craftsmanship to offer an unparalleled driving and ownership experience. With its refined exterior, enhanced connectivity, and luxurious interior, the Cullinan Series II reaffirms Rolls-Royce’s position as a leader in the super-luxury automotive segment, appealing to discerning clients seeking exclusivity and sophistication.

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