Mazda EZ-6 Revealed: Redefining Mid-Size Sedan Excellence

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Mazda EZ-6 Revealed
Mazda EZ-6 Revealed

At the Auto China 2024 event in Beijing, China, numerous automotive innovations were revealed, catering to both local and international markets. Among them was the debut of the Mazda EZ-6, a rear-wheel drive electric sedan, signaling a potential resurgence of the Mazda6 series.

Initially exclusive to China, the EZ-6 is also offered as a plug-in hybrid, courtesy of Changan Mazda, utilizing the same EPA platform as the Changan Deepal SL03 liftback.

Having been phased out from the US lineup in 2021 and recently retired from British and Japanese markets, the Mazda6 sedan still maintains a presence in select regions, drawing a dedicated enthusiast following worldwide.

Mazda EZ-6 Revealed
Mazda EZ-6 Revealed

While the EZ-6 doesn’t directly succeed the Mazda6 sedan due to its Changan affiliation, it offers hope for a future international release. virtual artist Sugar Chow, known as sugardesign_1 on social media, has envisioned a station wagon variant of the EZ-6, alongside a Changan Deepal SL03 estate model.

This creative CGI project, infused with Mazda’s trademark ‘zoom-zoom,’ has garnered praise from fans, some even preferring it over the original sedan. However, the true test would be a real-world comparison, an opportunity that may be restricted, particularly in Western markets, given the project’s speculative nature and regional constraints.

But if Mazda and Changan were to expand their offerings internationally, presenting these station wagon models, which would you choose as your preferred ride companion, and why?


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