Avatr’s New Model 15: Tesla Model Y Rival Revealed

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Avatr's New Model 15
Avatr's New Model 15

Avatr is preparing to introduce a new crossover coupe prototype named the 15, aimed to rival the Tesla Model Y, currently the best-selling car globally. Sporting a flamboyant camouflage wrap, prototypes of the Avatr 15 were spotted undergoing winter testing in Mongolia near Yakeshi city, known for its extreme cold.

The design of the Avatr 15 appears to blend elements from the Avatr 11 SUV and the Avatr 12 gran coupe, featuring split headlights from the SUV and slim taillights from the 12. Notably, some prototypes showcase cameras instead of traditional side mirrors, which are likely offered as an optional feature along with retractable door handles.

Avatr's New Model 15
Avatr’s New Model 15

While details about the rear end remain undisclosed, there are indications that the Avatr 15 might follow the Avatr 12’s lead by omitting the rear window, relying on cameras for rear visibility if so.

The prototype also exhibits off-road features such as a retractable awning, roof rack, and trailer hitch, suggesting readiness for off-road adventures, supported by its high ground clearance and 22-inch wheels.

Set to debut later this year, according to Chinese media reports, the Avatr 15 will expand Avatr’s lineup alongside the Avatr 11 and Avatr 12 models. Planned as a global product, Avatr aims to introduce the 15 in Southeast Asia first before targeting the United Arab Emirates, followed by a European launch in 2026 or 2027. Potential entry into the US market may follow thereafter.

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