1973 Challenger: History, Specs, and Auction Insights

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1973 Challenger
1973 Challenger

Debuting in 1970, the Dodge Challenger entered the muscle car arena with potent engine options like the 426 HEMI and the 440 RB. However, emissions regulations swiftly curtailed these high-performance offerings.

By 1972, the Challenger lineup was limited to three engine choices, with the entry-level slant-six and the 318 V8 replacing the discontinued 426 and 440.

The subsequent years saw further changes, including the discontinuation of the slant-six in 1973 and the introduction of mandatory safety features like five-mph bumpers.

1973 Challenger
1973 Challenger

This 1973 Challenger, finished in Top Banana, is a partial survivor, retaining its factory paint with minor touch-ups on the passenger door and trunk lid. While some components have been refreshed, such as the vinyl top and seat covers, the drivetrain remains largely original.

Powered by a 340 V8 engine paired with an automatic transmission, this Challenger exemplifies the era’s performance and style. Despite its age, it remains a desirable collector’s piece, evidenced by the significant bidding interest it has attracted.

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