Ferrari Enzo Tire Supply Restored

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Ferrari Enzo Tire Supply Restored
Ferrari Enzo (Credits: Ferrari)

When the Ferrari Enzo came out in 2002, it had the best tires from Pirelli. But now, after 22 years, those tires are outdated. So, the Enzo needs new tires to perform well in 2024.

Pirelli has made new P Zero Corsa System tires just for the Ferrari Enzo. These tires come in sizes 245/35 R19 for the front and 345/35 R19 for the rear. Even though they look the same as the original ones, they’re made with modern materials and technology.

For many years, Enzo owners couldn’t find new tires. So, they didn’t drive their cars because they were afraid of not having tires. But now, they don’t need to worry anymore.

Ferrari Enzo Tire Supply Restored
Ferrari Enzo (Credits: Ferrari)

They can take their cars out again. Ferrari and Pirelli have been working together for over 70 years. Pirelli makes better tires, and Ferrari makes better cars. Better tires mean better cars and better cars mean better tires.

The Enzo was made to be fast on the road and the track. It has special tires for stability at high speeds and when turning corners. The new tires also help prevent sliding on wet roads. Ferrari tested these tires with their drivers. They found that the tires are just as sporty as before but safer and more reliable because of new materials.

These new Enzo tires are part of Pirelli’s collection of vintage Ferrari cars. They’ve already made tires for the F50 and F40 models.


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