Subaru’s Growth Spurt: Sales Surge Continues

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Subaru's Growth Spurt
Subaru's Growth Spurt

Subaru of America recently disclosed its April sales figures, signaling continued success with 21 consecutive months of growth. April witnessed a nearly 10 percent surge in deliveries, contributing to a year-to-date increase exceeding 7%.

Among Subaru’s model lines, the Forester compact crossover SUV emerged as the top seller, followed by the smaller Crosstrek and the practical sixth-generation Outback CUV station wagon.

However, traditional passenger cars experienced a downturn. BRZ sales dropped by almost 38% from January to April 2024 compared to the same period last year, while the Impreza compact and Legacy sedan each retreated by more than 19%, and the WRX performance sedan saw a decline of nearly 39%, the most significant among its peers.

Subaru's Growth Spurt
Subaru’s Growth Spurt

Nonetheless, Subaru remains committed to its sporty offerings, with plans announced for the conclusion of Legacy production next year, marking the end of the 2025 model year. Despite this, Subaru has revealed the 2025MY pricing for both the Outback and Legacy, which remains consistent with the outgoing 2024 models, hinting at forthcoming innovations.

While the Legacy mid-size sedan prepares for its final chapter, speculation suggests a different fate for the Legacy-based Outback model. Many anticipate the introduction of a seventh generation for the 2026 model year, with enthusiasts and industry watchers envisioning various design and performance enhancements.

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