1967 GTO Restoration Project: Original Charm Revived

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1967 GTO Restoration Project
1967 GTO Restoration Project

In the annals of Pontiac history, the GTO hardtop reigned supreme 57 years ago, commanding the majority of sales in 1967 with over 65,000 units. In contrast, the convertible trailed behind, accounting for roughly 9,500 units.

For aficionados of the GTO, finding a 1967 project is a feasible task, albeit often challenging due to their varying conditions. Recently listed on eBay by druk_auto_sales, a 1967 GTO presents a compelling opportunity for restoration enthusiasts. While not tailored to purists seeking an all-original configuration, this example promises intrigue worthy of car show accolades.

Notably, the car retains its original paint, showcasing signs of age with visible chips and rust spots upon closer inspection. However, it has endured admirably, bearing the hallmark finish applied by Pontiac.

1967 GTO Restoration Project
1967 GTO Restoration Project

Under the hood lies a YS block, a 400 four-barrel V8 capable of starting, running, and driving with proficiency. The car boasts an operational factory radio alongside aftermarket gauges for temperature and oil pressure, with the interior’s originality remaining uncertain.

Despite its aged appearance, the trunk and engine compartment exhibit cleanliness, devoid of rust. While lamentable for enthusiasts of all-original setups, this GTO retains its allure, primed for restoration into a head-turning classic.

With a combination of factory elements paint, radio, and chrome imbuing the GTO with its unique appeal and powered by the period-correct YS block, this project offers a blend of nostalgia and restoration potential. Priced at $39,000 with eight bids already recorded, the auction’s culmination in approximately four days promises an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts willing to restore this GTO to its former glory.

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