Customized Cybertruck and TRX: A Neon Green Duo Takes the Road by Storm

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Customized Cybertruck and TRX
Customized Cybertruck and TRX

Ahmed Mahdi, a doctor and car enthusiast, eagerly awaited the arrival of his Tesla Cybertruck, a vehicle unlike any other in his collection. Opting for the Cyberbeast model with its impressive specifications, Ahmed wasted no time in personalizing his new ride.

Within days of delivery, the stainless steel body of his Cybertruck was wrapped in a striking neon green, ensuring that it would stand out on the road. This bold choice mirrored his HEMI-powered Ram 1500 TRX, also adorned in the same eye-catching hue. The two vehicles, now a matching pair, boasted neon green rims that further accentuated their unique appearance.

Customized Cybertruck and TRX
Customized Cybertruck and TRX

While unconventional wraps for the Cybertruck were not uncommon, Ahmed’s neon green variant added yet another eccentric touch to the growing list of customized designs. From intentionally rusty exteriors to color-shifting spectrums, the Cybertruck had seen it all. However, Ahmed’s bold choice to match his Cybertruck with his existing TRX undoubtedly turned heads wherever they went.

Keen to showcase the capabilities of his Cyberbeast, Ahmed took to social media and YouTube to demonstrate its towing prowess. Filming the Cybertruck effortlessly towing his Ram 1500 TRX on a platform, Ahmed highlighted the electric vehicle’s impressive strength, capable of hauling up to 11,000 pounds. With both vehicles boasting substantial towing capacities, the dynamic duo promised a formidable partnership on the road.


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