Rivian’s Refreshed R1: CCS Charging & Prototype Sightings

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Rivian's Refreshed R1
Rivian's Refreshed R1

Rivian, among the pioneers to adopt the NACS standard through a deal with Tesla, generated anticipation for its refreshed R1 models, which were expected to be delivered soon. However, recent prototypes featuring CCS plugs suggest Rivian’s adherence to the previous charging technology.

Trial production of the refreshed R1T and R1S EVs has commenced at Rivian’s Illinois factory, signaling significant updates beneath the surface aimed at cost reduction and maintaining competitiveness in the evolving market.

Despite expectations for NACS charge ports aligned with the refreshed models, sightings of CCS plugs indicate Rivian’s retention of the previous standard.

Rivian's Refreshed R1
Rivian’s Refreshed R1

This decision contrasts with the partnership established with Tesla, which provided Rivian owners access to select Tesla Supercharger stations.

While Rivian intends to transition to the NACS standard starting in 2025, the delay in adopting it with the refreshed R1 lineup suggests contractual obligations with Tesla may influence timelines. Uncertainty looms following Tesla’s recent restructuring of its charging department.

Aside from charging ports, prototypes reveal new wheel designs and potential removal or optional tow hooks, enhancing the refreshed R1T and R1S offerings. Official details on these updates await Rivian’s announcement during Investor Day on June 27.


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