Bentley’s Powertrain Shift: W12 to V8 Hybrid Evolution

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Bentley's Powertrain Shift
Bentley's Powertrain Shift

While Audi was the first to introduce the Volkswagen Group’s W12 engine in the D2-series A8 back in 2001, it’s Bentley that has become synonymous with this powerhouse. However, the iconic twelve-cylinder engine has now been replaced by a high-performance V8 hybrid powertrain boasting staggering output figures.

Bentley promises over 750 PS and four-figure torque from the new V8 hybrid setup, surpassing the W12’s 740 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. This potent combination comprises an internal combustion engine and electric propulsion, delivering an electric driving range of over 50 miles under the WLTP cycle.

Bentley's Powertrain Shift
Bentley’s Powertrain Shift

More powerful and torquier than its predecessor, the new plug-in hybrid V8 is similar to Porsche’s setup in the Panamera. It marks a significant departure from Bentley’s traditional powertrains, reflecting the industry’s shift towards electrification in response to stringent emission regulations.

The Volkswagen Group’s decision to discontinue the W12 engine underscores the evolving world of emissions standards and fuel efficiency requirements. The plug-in hybrid V8 strikes a balance between performance and efficiency, with the added benefit of reduced emissions compared to the outgoing W12.

Bentley’s commitment to electrification extends beyond this V8 hybrid powertrain, with plans to introduce more electrified models in its lineup. While the automotive world continues to evolve, Bentley remains dedicated to delivering exceptional luxury and performance, albeit with a greener footprint.


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