Garage 54’s Reverse-Spin Engine Experiment: Overcoming Challenges

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Garage 54's Reverse-Spin Engine Experiment
Garage 54's Reverse-Spin Engine Experiment

Internal combustion engines typically adhere to a standard principle: the crankshaft rotates clockwise (when viewed from the driver’s seat). This design, engineering, and utilization convention has remained largely unaltered. However, the innovative minds at Garage 54, hailing from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, have a penchant for challenging automotive norms.

In their latest endeavor, they decided to reverse the rotation of a four-stroke, four-cylinder Soviet-built engine. Yes, counterclockwise. This unconventional approach presents several challenges. Each component within an internal combustion engine operates in harmony, and altering the crankshaft’s rotation initiates a complex chain reaction.

The timing coupling between the crankshaft and camshaft becomes a crucial concern. Reversing the spin affects the camshaft’s rotation, causing valves to open at incorrect intervals, rendering the engine non-operational. Overcoming these obstacles requires meticulous adjustments.

Garage 54's Reverse-Spin Engine Experiment
Garage 54’s Reverse-Spin Engine Experiment

In addition to timing issues, adjusting the distributor becomes imperative to ensure ignition occurs at the appropriate moment. However, the challenges extend beyond timing adjustments. Mechanical components reliant on specific rotational directions, such as the oil pump, present additional hurdles. Reversing the engine’s rotation affects the oil pump’s functionality, potentially leading to lubrication issues.

Nevertheless, the resourceful team at Garage 54 has devised ingenious solutions. To initiate the engine without modifying the starter motor, they employ a straightforward method: engage the reverse gear and tow the vehicle until the engine ignites. While the specifics of their modifications remain undisclosed, their unconventional approach showcases their ingenuity and determination to defy automotive norms.

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